Devin Scherck

Living Donor
Donation Supporter

The Scherck house in Glen Burnie is warm and filled with cheerful smiles from Anne Marie, Devin’s four year old daughter. Sneaking up behind her is James, at just one year old, his eyes light up the room and his laugh is so contagious one can’t help but want to pick him up and squeeze him. “He has Devin’s smile,” says mom and wife, Katherine, picking him up off the floor. Katherine describes Devin, just 34 when he passed, as intelligent, well-read, and calm yet the life of the party. Known for his love of computers, reading and his faith, Devin was playfully called the absentminded professor as he was always forgetting things and running off in a million directions. On September 9, 2012, while sitting at a friend’s house after attending a picnic at church, Devin suffered from an aneurysm caused by an unknown congenital heart defect. Devin was a designated organ donor. Katherine is grateful for the support system she has found through her church, something that would have made Devin proud.