Frances Richardson

Donor Hero

Frances was a storyteller. As a children's librarian, she thrived on capturing the imaginations of her wide-eyed audience, never self-conscious about singing or dancing in front of her young charges. Frances was a gardener. Her favorite color was "salvia blue" and she planted flowers strategically so that every season a blue one could be found in the garden. Frances was a photographer. She excelled at macro photography, focusing on the detail around her and composing her shots in a way to bring out these details and showcase their beauty. Frances was my rock. She supported me in everything I did and encouraged me to reach my potential while making me laugh and teaching me to not take things too seriously. Frances remains all around me: in the stories that entertain us, the carefree innocence of children, the flowers of every season, and the invisible hand on my shoulder when I need her.

"I will never forget one evening at a dinner party when some friends declared they had to leave. But in fact they loitered at the door for quite a long time, continuing to chat with everyone, until Frances admonished, "How can we miss you if you never go away?" After the shocked silence, everyone burst out laughing. We miss you Frances." -Derek Richardson, Frances's Husband