Heather White

Living Donor

My brother and sister have always made jokes about me being the only sibling with boring brown eyes. As my Dad started to go through medical issues, the jokes became I was going to have to give him a kidney because we had the matching brown eyes. Little did we know that we were predicting the future. About 5 years into Dad’s issues we realized one of his kidneys was no longer functioning and the other was barely doing its job. Our jokes had become a reality. Thankfully, not only my brown eyes matched him, but also my blood type. Of the three of us I was the only one with a match, but we were all so grateful. Within the year, we had scheduled and completed our transplant! We are so appreciative of the Johns Hopkins staff that made this process go so smoothly. I feel very lucky that I was able to donate and help my Dad. This is our second year attending the Family Fun Run and we are in awe of the families and stories that are brought together for this event.