Jessica Lewis

Donor Family or Friend

In April, 2013, at the age of 32, my best friend died - his name is Greg Knapstein. Greg was larger than life; a man with a kind heart, a sense of humor and enough love for all who knew him. He made the decision to be a donor, and his family (and friends) honored his wish. Greg was able to donate his heart, lungs, liver and kidneys - and became a hero to so many people. Each of his recipients reached out to the family, and we were able to meet them, and got to see - first hand - how donation impacted their lives. It is the most incredible thing! Greg's gift of life inspired me in my own journey, and I now work as an Organ Recovery Coordinator with The Living Legacy Foundation. Losing Greg was the most difficult time in my life; my heart is broken, and I miss him every single day. But I work with purpose, every day, to honor him. He is a hero to each of his recipients and all the family and friends they touch; he is a hero to his family and friends, who are so proud that he lives on in others. And he is my hero, and my inspiration.