Olivia Jones

Transplant Recipient - Organ

In 2005, I received the heart of a little girl named Ashleah. She was killed in a drunk driving accident that also injured her mom and sister. Her dad made the courageous decision to donate her organs and I received her heart. At the time, Ashleah was 2 and I was 1.

Today, I am a student at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Going to Spelman has been a lifelong dream because my mother and sister are both Alumnae. As an art history major, my focus is on museum curatorial studies. I love to travel and visit museums, and I hope to curate an exhibit in the future. My gifted heart has given me the opportunity to grow and thrive, and I will always be grateful for the blessing of a full life. I am proud to be an organ donor and hope through telling my story that someday I can save a life just as Ashleah saved mine.