Sonia Taylor

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Transplant Recipient - Cornea

Growing up, Sonia Taylor was always proud of her ability to see farther and clearer than anyone in her family. “I remember as a young girl taking road trips with my parents and my Dad and I would always play a game to see who could read the highways signs that were farthest away,” recalls Sonia. “Of course, I would always win! I was so proud.”

But then, in her late twenties, Sonia noticed that her vision was changing – the highway signs she had always seen so clearly appeared double, with a ghost-like image after each word. Her vision was deteriorating rapidly. Her doctor diagnosed her with a corneal abnormality called keratoconus. After several failed treatments, the final option was a cornea transplant. Sonia received her cornea transplant in 1992 and has never looked back. “The vision in my right eye improved significantly,” said Sonia. “Thanks to a generous cornea donor, I can see again."

Tragically, Sonia became familiar with the other side of donation when her nephew, Jordan, died in 2007. His family honored his wishes to become an organ donor and Jordan was able to save the lives of seven people. “I’m so grateful that Jordan was able to offer the gift of organ donation to families – just like my donor offered to me.”